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About Us

With the rapid development of accommodation in Turkey and the increased flow of tourists and visitors from all over the world, the necessity arose for the establishment of Raphelah Group, a group specializing in both hotels and tourism services.
Those services have been formed under the name of Le Luxe Suites Hotel and Spa, our first and leading brand chain, to be expanded later in order for us to deliver the highest quality of services both indoors and outdoors of our facilities. Our goal is to be primarily responsible for the implementation and operation of our present business and its development that prioritizes the comfort of families, in accordance with the values and customs inherited in the countries.

Our Mission

Our mission and primary goals have always been to provide our visitors and customers with the most efficient services by hiring experienced employees, workers, and officials in our company. This is also to ensure that all the serv
ices we provide are carried out with excellence, accuracy, and integrity by using cutting-edge mechanisms available in our industry. That is why the most essential goal for Raphelah Group is to work on maintaining a successful business and relationships with our city, local community, and valued customers.

Our Vision

Through dedication and hard work of our expert team, we are on our way to become the leading brand and household name in the field of hotel management and hotel operating services, while also providing the best levels of service in addition to the development of human resources and relying on the latest methods of apartment housing, as well as increasing the value and market share through expansion in all regions of the Republic of Turkey at the present time and in the future. Additionally, the ultimate goal of Raphelah Group for Le Luxe Suites Hotel and Spa chain is selecting the best and most suitable sights and the most popular tourist spots within the city of Bursa, creating more accommodations in other Turkish cities with the hope to establish others in many other cities in the world.


Le Luxe Suites Hotel & SPA

We are wholeheartedly committed to providing perfection for our guests at every moment and in every way.

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